INTRODUCTION:Ghanaians have, over many years, been exploring biological resources with traditional approach.This has led to underutilisation,and with profound environmental impacts reflected by depleted biological resources without meeting a decent means of living.

It is in the light of this we published this article to attract potential investors with the mindset of providing employment, conserving Ghanaians biological resources,and earning a huge returns and revenues from investment.

Increasing human population and poverty in Ghana,especially in the northern region, have dramatically accelerated the depletion of biological resources,ranging from forest trees to farming practices that overexploit soil fertility to extinction of marine resources.

UNITED NATION incentive programs and including those initiated by the government of Ghana were proposed to mitigate the impacts of communities activities on biological resources, but still have not done significantly at lessening the deliberate exploitation of biological resources in Ghana.And the only way to go about this problem is to create awareness for foreign investors who might be interested in investing in agric sector or lumbering in Ghana.


GHANA’S climate is tropical and the natural vegetation and its distribution cover many areas of Ghana closely related to the distribution of mean annual rainfall.

THE VEGETATION formation encompasses: Coastal zone and forest zone in the south,a transition zone in the mid areas, and a northern savannah zone.

THERE ARE,according to the Ministry of Environment and Science of Ghana, 2974 indigenous plant species,504 fishes,221 species of amphibians and reptiles,728 birds,and 1 species of lizard and 3 species of frogs.

16% of Ghana land surface has been set aside to conserve representative samples of her natural ecosystem in the form of forest reserves,national parks,and wildlife reserves including various traditional forms of conservation.


1.THE COASTAL ZONE AND THE FOREST ZONE in the south provide investors with enormous opportunities to invest in marine resources through modern techniques beneficial to the economy of Ghana,and to invest in lumbering even with the aim of exporting timber to the developed countries-having in mind the will to work with modern methods of afforestation for the conservation of forest resources.

2. THE NORTHERN Savannah calls for an intensive farming practices to efficiently make use of the wide land area in the region. And the farm produce might be exported or an industry established to provide employment,and to boost the economic well being of the settlers.

THE NORTHERN REGION has a lot of livestock animals mostly reared with traditional method. This, also,provide investors with opportunity to either make use of the local animals to boost earnings for the local folks or to to introduce a modern techniques for livestock production,thereby changing the narrative of animals production in the region.


The imperatives of investing in Africa,Ghana,in this article, can never be overemphasized, as in many occasions global entrepreneurs have stated that:Africa is now the widest and the biggest home for opportunities globally, for there are enormous untapped and unexplored or under explored talents and natural resources.

WE CALL on the interested investors to come here(Africa),and work with our people,and our resources to better up our community, and to provide huge returns and revenues for their investment.

QUESTIONS,COMMENTS, and SUGGESTIONS on how best we can position this blog are highly welcome.

We also seek to hear from you those information you needed from West Africa.

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